Curzon Energy was founded in 2016 and listed in the United Kingdom on the London Stock Exchange in 2017, with the objective of acquiring oil and gas development and production assets initially in the USA. The Company’s strategy is to leverage the ongoing revolution in the US natural gas production and export spaces to provide outsized returns to its investors.

Curzon believes that natural gas will continue to play a key role as the world transitions its power and energy mix to a decarbonized future. As such natural gas remains the best midterm play and perhaps the only fossil fuel with remaining potential for significant growth. In the United States gas production has skyrocketed as coal power plants are shuttered in favour of gas turbines. Alongside this shift comes increased economic and industrial competitiveness as cheaper power allows energy intensive industries to relocate to the US or compete better in export markets.

Starting in the middle of the current decade the United States become a net exporter of natural gas, and in fact moved to reverse the flow at several LNG terminals originally designed for imports, and now shifting to exports. With US LNG being sold to diverse customers from China and South Korea, to Japan, Mexico, Chile and Spain, LNG and thus natural gas is truly a globally saleable commodity, one no longer limited by the pipelines that transport it. Gas can now be sold at spot prices and LNG tankers turned around mid journey to fetch the best prices. Overall, the US contribution to internal gas markets has increased market competitiveness and has begun to take away political cards that various gas producers have held over their customers.

Curzon seeks to offer its investors exposure to what it considers the most exciting story in the energy space, the US natural gas revolution. It seeks cash generative high impact projects with relatively short transitions to gas sales. The Company believes that its existing portfolio offers an exciting mix of growth and scalability while operating in a mature and established market such as the United States.

US Gas Production